Who is Lawson Kroeker? Authentic. Disciplined. Diligent. We are a team who delivers authentic, trustworthy investment management services to each client, every time. Since our founding more than 30 years ago, the team remains true to focused, long-term investing and financial planning solutions that can help you make your money last. Lawson Kroeker is a team of “thinkers,” delivering a patient, consistent approach. Being an independent firm means we can really listen and think about what investments are truly appropriate for clients. We can consider what investments make sense for the longer term, rather than for the next reporting period. Following our founders’ philosophies, our team isn’t swayed by the ups and downs of Wall Street – but instead, we deliver the Midwestern work ethic and build the customized portfolio we know our clients deserve. Our success comes from being deliberate, independent and specialized in an increasingly commoditized industry. Welcome to Lawson Kroeker Investment Management. Welcome home.