Lawson Kroeker Investment Management

You keep giving your clients top-notch service. When they have investment needs, we’ll take it from there.

You work with clients.

You have a tough job sometimes … making sure the details of their business, estate or tax needs are covered. 
You’re the name they call when “life happens,” and we understand that. At Lawson Kroeker, our team wants to come alongside you in your mission to give clients the one thing money can’t buy:  Peace of mind. Knowing their goals are heard and their strategies will remain consistent over time can provide the kind of confidence that lasts and lasts. 
Our team also understands how critical it is that the level of service you provide is also provided by those you introduce your clients to. When investment questions and concerns are on the table, we’re here in Omaha to help. 

What makes us different? Actually, we like to say “what makes us contrarian?” Our founders, Ken Kroeker and Frank Lawson, believed that diligence, focus and consistency would lead individuals to success. We believe it, too, more than 25 years later. This is sometimes viewed as “contrarian” – a little outside the norm – because investing services have become an increasingly commoditized industry, full of chatter and media headlines.
Our team believes taking time to really think about individual decisions, and not to farm these out, is the way we can best serve our clients. And while we have team members who have worked in much larger firms in larger cities, there’s something we enjoy about living and working right here in the Midwest.
If this sounds like how you like to work with your clients, let’s talk today.


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