Forward-looking. Rigorous. And we see service as an art.

“We’re special because people understand that small is, in many ways, better. This means being able to help  clients one on one. It’s a different world entirely. This focus on the clients is to their benefit, but it gives us time to do what we’re really hired to do, and that’s manage the money.” – Tom Sudyka, Portfolio Manager

For the Lawson Kroeker team, working with families and individuals to help create the future they want is not a job – it’s an art. Client service and individualized attention is a strong priority to us. Because we offer a low account-to-manager ratio, each client has direct interaction with their portfolio management team.

As an independent firm, we are unencumbered by Wall Street noise. Our location and our independence means there’s no need to cross-sell an organization’s products – instead, we can focus on your success, first. We’re also 100 percent employee-owned. This means each one of our clients receives personalized attention and portfolio construction based on their unique goals, needs and investment objectives.

When you work with our team, you can call or stop by at any time; you’re part of our family. But you don’t have to. You can enjoy the confidence of knowing we’re steadily doing our job. There’s also something to be said for having all your assets under one trusted name. We can handle your retirement, your taxable accounts, your trusts and mutual funds all under one experienced name.

Our Services Include:

  • Individual account management
  • Taxable accounts
  • Individual retirement accounts
  • Trusts

Institutional account management

  • Endowments and foundations
  • Corporate retirement accounts
  • Family foundations

Mutual fund management

For more information on our services, contact:
Patrick J. Riordan
Client Services Director