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Planning for Retirement: Should You Invest or Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

There’s something so exciting and so … gulp … eye-opening about buying a home. (You’re going to be paying off your house until you’re how old?) When planning for retirement, many homeowners wonder whether it would be better to pay off their mortgage earlier or invest more in their portfolio. The logic behind this question […]

Beyond the Books: 3 Things Tom Sudyka Has Learned About Investment Management From Senior Leaders

An investment advisor can attend conferences, learn about theories of investment management from books, or complete in-depth certification programs, such as the  Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®). But there’s a different side of knowledge when it comes to investment management, and that’s the wisdom gained by experience. That’s why Tom Sudyka, Lawson Kroeker Portfolio Manager, is […]

Do You Know the 3 Types of Market Downturns?

As 2019 unfolds, there are many eyes on the market; many of them are wondering whether the low point experienced at the end of 2018 will prove to be a bottom or a precursor to more hard times to come. Regardless of what you read in the headlines, history shows that maintaining consistency tends to […]
Investment management shouldn’t always “look” busy. There should be time to think.

Why Strategic Investment Management Doesn’t Always Look Busy

Early members of the Lawson Kroeker team, including Bruce Van Kooten, Portfolio Manager, can look back fondly on memories of co-founder Frank Lawson dedicating a lot of time to work that didn’t look much like investment management. (Or at least how the general public would think of investment management tasks.) Frank would be in his […]
Lawson Kroeker advisors talk about how different it is to work at a firm that celebrates discipline and integrity.

3 Values That Distinguish the Lawson Kroeker Approach

When you seek out investment guidance, you want to know that you’re not just a set of numbers. You want a personalized experience that comes from an advisor who shares your values. At Lawson Kroeker, you’ll quickly see that our advisors aren’t the “typical Wall Street” type. In other words, our team’s experience includes large-scale […]
Investment management at Lawson Kroeker is all about focusing on the client and their needs.

Why Investment Management at Lawson Kroeker is Different by Design

When it’s time to select an investment management firm, you’ll notice a difference at Lawson Kroeker. Why? One of the core reasons is that the Lawson Kroeker team maintains a deliberately smaller client base, across a focused, in-house team. We believe this result is greater client levels of confidence – and continued success over time. […]
Learn how to maximize your investments for retirement planning in your last five years of working.

Three Retirement Planning Tips for Your Last Five Years of Working

You’re five years from your anticipated retirement date, and things are looking pretty good. You can look back over a satisfying career, and you have plenty of retirement plans to look forward to. From travel to more time for hobbies, you’re expecting to have a lot of fun enjoying the fruits of your labor. Even […]
Don’t wait until a crisis to discuss financial planning with your aging parents.

Financial Planning for Aging Parents: 3 Helpful Steps You Can Take

It’s fun to talk with family about holiday traditions or summer plans. It’s fun to talk about how fast the kids are growing. However, discussions around financial planning may not fall into the same category. These conversations are often pushed off until a medical crisis or other event makes avoidance no longer possible. If your […]
Financial planning for empty nesters should include a consideration of what you’ll do if a kid returns home.

Financial Planning for the Nearly-Empty Nesters

Three Financial Planning Tips for the Empty Nest Years A change in the “nest” situation at home naturally brings thoughts and questions about changes in your financial situation. As you reach this milestone of empty nesting (or near it), take a moment to consider what you may need to prioritize in your financial planning: Maximize […]
Planning for retirement often takes on new significance after you reach the age of 50.

Planning for Retirement in Your 50s: What’s Your Vision, and Are You On Track?

If you’ve recently celebrated a milestone birthday of turning 50, then you may notice a few things. You may be more interested in activities that have meaning – or those activities that you just enjoy for the sake of enjoying them. You may be making regular visits to a child who is away at college. […]
Investing an inheritance might bring advice from all corners, but you should take your time.

Investing and Inheritance: Take Your Time … Emotions Will Be Involved

Plus Three Other Key Considerations If you’ve received a windfall in the form of an inheritance, you might be surprised at the emotional aspect of the news. Being involved in an inheritance means many decisions, and investing an inheritance can be a complicated process. Take some time. While you may feel an urgency to look […]
Avoid these common mistakes when planning for retirement.

Have You Made These Common (But Lesser-Known) Missteps When Planning for Retirement?

Surprise. There is a fair amount of complexity associated with retiring. Sometimes there are feelings of genuine confusion over “what’s next?” For many retirees, it can take several months or a year (or more) to find a new and meaningful routine. For others, a big move to a new city can lead to excitement … […]

Why Are we Thankful to be in the Midwest?

Many of our team at Lawson Kroeker have experience at big investment firms, located in bigger cities. Why have many returned to the Midwest? While each Chartered Financial Analyst at Lawson Kroeker may offer a slightly different answer to that question, many of the themes are the same. From the opportunity to personally serve clients […]
Making a charitable donation through an IRA may be a good solution for taxes and investing.

How Charitable Donations Through an IRA Can Impact Taxes and Investing … Are You Familiar with These Tax Changes Toward Charitable Donations?

Changes in determining who will include itemized deductions on their tax returns will affect millions this tax year. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 is expected to drastically reduce the number of people enjoying tax savings related to their charitable donations, with only 16 million in 2018 versus 37 million in 2017. The […]
Why you won’t see much speculation in the investment advice offered by Lawson Kroeker.

Why Lawson Kroeker Favors Long-Term Investment Advice Over Speculation: And, Does Speculating Over Investment Advice Even Work?

As winter approaches the Midwest, some experts say the bear market is stirring from hibernation, ready to come out of its den. As the bull market continues an extensive run since March 2009, many investors wonder what investment advice should guide their decisions. In truth, if you’ve ever worked with our team at Lawson Kroeker, […]

Are You a Thinker? So Are We.

With all you’ve got to do, there’s rarely enough time to really dig into what’s happening in the market. That’s why Lawson Kroeker publishes a quarterly reflection piece, written specifically for the Lawson Kroeker Community of Thinkers. That’s what we call people like you: smart investors who want to know what’s shaping the market and […]

Planning for Retirement: Good News. It’s Not Too Late.

For many Americans, planning for retirement hasn’t been a regular part of their financial planning. The causes are different for every household, but nearly half of all Americans have no retirement savings at all, and for those that have been able to save, the median balance is only $10,000. Currently, the average contribution rate to […]

Your Investment Portfolio May Thrive From a Shift in Perspective

“You make money buying when the world seems risky and lose money buying when the world seems safe.  When you’re really scared is the time to buy, not sell.”  –Andrew Tobias There are times when the headlines are full of words that may strike fear in the hearts of investors, like “bear” and “recession.” Your […]
Investment management should take into account personal preferences as well as classic principles for long-term success.

Investment Management: The Lawson Kroeker Difference

No two investors are alike, which is why no two portfolios should be identical. Sure, there may be resemblances here and there, but when you bring the right investment management firm aboard, you get professionals who know that each client deserves individualized attention. This principle of one-on-one attention is something that smaller firms have the […]

Understanding the Past is a Clear Strategy When Investing for Retirement

“To understand what is happening today or what will happen in the future, I look back.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Investing for retirement requires a solid measure of discipline. When you’re in the stage of life when you need to set aside money for retirement, it sometimes seems as if you can’t possibly squeak another dime […]
The best investment planning strategies hold true to philosophies of old.

Invest Like It’s 1986: Investment Planning is an Ongoing Journey

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” That sounds like sage advice for being spontaneous and in the moment, throwing caution to the wind – pull up a sail and let it take you wherever. Yet, when it comes to your investments, knowing where you want to go is […]

Fine Tuned: The Art of Investing at Lawson Kroeker

Like fine art, your investment portfolio should reflect the creative and personalized aspects that make it your masterpiece. At Lawson Kroeker, we believe in the fine art of investing. Like the colors and styles in a commissioned piece, your investments are designed for who you are as an individual. This approach takes diligence. It takes […]
How contrarian methods work in investment planning.

Invest Like It’s 1986: Investment Planning for Contrarians Means Taking the Alternate Route

How much of what you do today is similar to what you did in the mid-1980s? Are you embracing the same fashion trends or hairstyle? Is your car from that era and are you watching Cheers and Knight Rider for entertainment? We might be holding on to only a fraction of what we held dear […]

Meet Ken Kroeker, Co-Founder of Lawson Kroeker

Quote Collections, Permanence and a “Contrarian” Vision “When we look at a stock, we really are in it for the long-term. Everybody says they’re long term but they aren’t. We say we are, and we are. There are some stocks I’ve owned for 20 years. When you look for an idea to invest your time […]

Get to Know Edie Basch Our Client Services Administrator/Operations

Connecting Lawson Kroeker Clients With Investment Resources Years in the Investment/Finance Industry: 30 plus First Car: 1969 Ford Falcon Futura Sports Coupe What happens when a team member with a background including psychology, writing and even medical/legal death investigation comes to the table at Lawson Kroeker? The answer is that clients receive diligent research and […]

Meet Monica Davis, Operations Administrator

Monica Brings More Than 15 Years of Experience to the Lawson Kroeker Team Years in the Investment/Finance Industry: 15 plus First Car: 1987 Buick Somerset “It feels like joining Lawson Kroeker is like joining a family.” When you come to Lawson Kroeker, it won’t take long before you’ll notice that the investment planning services you […]

Meet Christine Walker of Lawson Kroeker

A Great Director of Operations Always Has Your Investment Portfolio Prioritized   “We have a heightened ability to hear beyond the noise, to keep our focus and vision on what matters most – serving our clients and investing with their goals in mind. This is best achieved when we truly listen and make wise, client-focused […]

Meet Patrick Riordan, Director of Client Relations and Business Development

Serving Clients at Lawson Kroeker is Patrick Riordan’s Forte “I believe most people have a plan of what they want to accomplish with their financial assets, but many don’t really know how to execute it. I enjoy helping people develop their plan, but I really love helping them carry out their plan.” Years in the […]

Chad Clauser: Embracing a Long-Term Perspective in Planning for Retirement

Get to Know Chad, Lawson Kroeker’s Chartered Financial Analyst® “People should know the Lawson Kroeker story. The company was founded over 30 years ago and is now on a third “generation”, yet the culture and values are remarkably the same as when we started. This is rare in an industry that is very personality-driven and […]

Tom Sudyka is Planning for the Long-Term

Meet Lawson Kroeker’s Portfolio Manager, and Find Out Which Unique Money Lessons Shaped His Philosophy “Lawson Kroeker is a firm that plans to be around forever, passing the philosophy and management from one generation to the next. The company’s commitment to remaining an independent investment management firm really aligned with my beliefs back then. It […]

What Makes Lawson Kroeker Different From Other Investment Management Firms?

Investment Management That’s Focused, Flexible and Carefully Considered You have a lot of choices when it comes to investment management. You may have so many choices, in fact, that it can become challenging to know what you should be looking for in an investment management firm. When you come to Lawson Kroeker, you’ll see a […]

Invest Like It’s 1986: Because a Long-Term Plan is Always in Style

If you watch the headlines or listen to the news, you might wonder if you should be trying some new strategies or responding to media headlines for your investments. The answer is almost always a resounding no. While headlines and media topics may fly past you every day, the basics of sound investing remain consistent […]

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