“Here in our mutual fund, we know who our people are and we are the ones making the decisions. It’s really an investment team making the decisions here and not somewhere else. We aren’t farming it out.” – Tom Sudyka, Portfolio Manager

The Lawson Kroeker team is more than employees. We’re independent company owners – and this raises the bar on service.  In fact, 100 percent of our firm’s retirement plan assets are invested in our mutual fund.

What Do We Believe?

Long-Term:  We believe a traditional approach to investing serves your best interests. In our view, preservation of capital is just as important as growth of capital, and we invest in high-quality companies that we expect will perform over time. Our process can be described as disciplined and repeatable; focused on the long-term; with a minimum three to five-year outlook and holding period.

High-quality:  In the pursuit of a high level of quality, our decisions are based on rigorous fundamental research. By investing for the long-term, we seek to avoid the whims of the market – because following the crowd usually isn’t the best plan for achieving financial success in the long-term.

Focused:  The Lawson Kroeker philosophy means we invest in a small list of favored securities, meaning we focus our decisions on companies where we know and understand their businesses. The ability to focus on a select group of companies that we know sets us apart – and allows us to focus on a select group of clients, too.

As an independent firm, our team has the time to focus because we’re not sorting through investor relation reports from hundreds of companies. It’s part of the Lawson Kroeker “experience,” and we invite you to see first-hand why it makes a difference.

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