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We were founded in 1986 on the belief that a thoughtful, consistent and diligent approach would serve clients best. If this sounds like your style, too, please read on or download our free resources below.

Choosing Omaha: We Did in the Beginning. We Still Do. Career experience across our team spans from New York to Chicago, but our professional advisors eventually returned to the heart of the Midwest. While there’s plenty of success to go around in those big cities, we prefer the gentler pace, the creative spirit and the Midwestern work ethic of Omaha. It’s a great place to raise a family and is a bit removed from the drama of Wall Street. Many of the Lawson Kroeker team members are involved in Omaha organizations, including those that promote the arts, and volunteer for non-profit organizations.

Steady and Focused … Maybe a Little Bit “Old-School,” Since 1986
Our team at Lawson Kroeker is mindful of national trends, but rather than reacting to headlines, we take a long-term view of investing. We serve our clients around a philosophy of consistency, diligence and a focused approach. Now in our third generation of ownership, we still operate on the principles of our founders, Frank Lawson and Ken Kroeker. We put our clients’ needs first, and we take time to think about our strategy and each decision.

“The culture and values are remarkably the same as when we started. This is rare in an industry that is very personality-driven and where people are often loyal to an individual, rather than a team. It’s part of what makes Lawson Kroeker so unique,” says Chad Clauser, Chartered Financial Analyst®.

30 Years of a Contrarian Investment Philosophy 
Everyone likes to say that they’re taking the long view on investing, but at Lawson Kroeker, we say we are, and we are. From the time that Ken and Frank created their partnership, they’ve embraced the timeless principle of longevity. As Ken says, “When you look for an idea of what to invest your time and energy in, you want something that can last indefinitely…and that’s what we offer.” In an industry that’s increasingly commoditized, you need a firm that embraces a contrarian mindset. We are willing to stand apart from the crowd, even if we are one of the only firms doing so. In the words of Tom Sudyka, Portfolio Manager, “Winning is not defined by how most Wall Street people would see it or by an ad on television. It’s about the client’s success.”

Time to Ponder, and Time for Individual Clients: 
As a smaller firm, we make decisions in-house, rather than farming them out to another company. In fact, one of the reasons our team members love Omaha and the Midwest is that we get to work directly with our clients, and we have time to think about how our decisions are going to impact our investors. We take time to think before we act. Here’s how our co-founder Ken explains the value of having time to think: “When I was with a big organization I seldom saw the clients. It’s different at Lawson Kroeker. When the team has the time to really understand what they’re doing and what clients are doing, there’s a good chance of having satisfied clients. This is what makes the business successful and fun.” At Lawson Kroeker, we do things a bit differently. You could even call it contrarian. We believe you’ll find it to be an asset.

If you also value careful thought, diligence and a polished approach, let’s talk today. From retirement to inheritance to selling a business, our team is ready to come alongside you on your path to success.


We’re proud to be right here in the Midwest, because that says “home” to us and aligns with who we are. Do you have a confident, “welcome home” feeling when you think about your investment strategy? Opt-in below for a downloadable resource that can help.