Investment management should take into account personal preferences as well as classic principles for long-term success.

Investment Management: The Lawson Kroeker Difference

No two investors are alike, which is why no two portfolios should be identical. Sure, there may be resemblances here and there, but when you bring the right investment management firm aboard, you get professionals who know that each client deserves individualized attention.

This principle of one-on-one attention is something that smaller firms have the luxury to afford – and it’s what Lawson Kroeker Investment Management is set up to do. Rather than operating from the coasts or from the hectic pace of Wall Street, the professional advisors and team at Lawson Kroeker operate out of the Midwest (by choice, and gladly).

We’re different … and maybe a little bit “old-school.” We’re practicing a philosophy of patience, never letting emotions or media headlines get in the way of rational decision-making. We don’t chase fads, preferring instead to stay the course. This kind of “old school” helps guide clients toward success over time.

Our clients can talk to us about decisions at any time. When our clients reach out to us, they’re actually talking to the people who make the decisions regarding their investment future. We know exactly what they want and need, and we’re making those decisions –instead of an outside resource.

Diverse backgrounds create many solutions. Another aspect that makes us different is that our backgrounds are diverse among our investment professionals. Some come from the mutual fund industry, while others come up from banks and others from brokerage firms. It’s this diversity that helps us to come to the right solutions for our clients.

We don’t follow a philosophy of “if you don’t look busy then you aren’t busy.” Our clients prefer thinkers – and that’s what we allow ourselves to do at Lawson Kroeker. We aren’t afraid to carefully reflect on the industry as we make decisions.

Why is this so important? Because your plans aren’t like anyone else’s plans. Contact us today and let’s talk about what’s possible for your unique future.

Understanding the Past is a Clear Strategy When Investing for Retirement

“To understand what is happening today or what will happen in the future, I look back.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Investing for retirement requires a solid measure of discipline. When you’re in the stage of life when you need to set aside money for retirement, it sometimes seems as if you can’t possibly squeak another dime into a 401(k) or another investment vehicle. You’re busy raising a family and building a career, so the discipline to designate money for retirement investing requires constant attention.

Besides this core discipline, investors preparing for retirement also need the ability to look back. As Oliver Wendell Holmes famously said, a focus on the events of the past is valuable for understanding the events of today, and that wisdom aligns with what the most successful investors share about their approach. In fact, you’ll find this famous quote about looking back in the extensive collection of our founder, Ken Kroeker, because it matches his approach to investing and serving clients.

When you focus on fundamentals, rather than chasing the latest Wall Street predictions, you imitate the discipline of some of the investing giants, from Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch to Benjamin Graham and Bill Miller. Each of these investors has built their wealth by using value-investing principles.

You can apply those same principles when investing for retirement. Investors like Warren Buffett may beat the average returns in the market by ignoring the latest headlines and, instead, focusing on the foundations of a company. In other words, when a company is going through a short-term challenge, but they are built on solid business principles, it may be a good investment.

A good current example is Wal-Mart. They’ve closed some stores and often appear to be playing catch-up with Amazon and Costco, but they’re still the most prominent leader in discount retailing in the world and have a history of delivering value over time. The overreaction of the market to Wal-Mart’s challenges make it look like the company is facing an overall decline, but the investor that looks back can see that companies with proven track records usually rebound from challenges.

When you objectively look at the history of a company, and you pair it with confidence that market downturns tend to sort themselves out eventually, you’ll be able to make investments that support your retirement planning.

Investing for retirement requires both discipline and an understanding of past events. It also requires the wisdom of a professional advisor to help guide your investment decisions. Make an appointment with the Lawson Kroeker team and find out why a combination of looking back – and carefully and strategically looking forward – can be part of your individual plan for retirement success.

The best investment planning strategies hold true to philosophies of old.

Invest Like It’s 1986: Investment Planning is an Ongoing Journey

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” That sounds like sage advice for being spontaneous and in the moment, throwing caution to the wind – pull up a sail and let it take you wherever. Yet, when it comes to your investments, knowing where you want to go is vital, as is taking the right roads to get there. A newsletter we sent out in the 80s addresses this investment planning topic, and it’s still relevant today.

“In most instances,” our As We See It newsletter pointed out, “building up one’s assets is, if not a lifetime project, an endeavor that usually spans many years.” This investment concept still holds true today and is important to remember as you look to your future retirement plan.

However, it’s not a given that just because you have set goals that it will be exactly where you want it to be in the future. Diversification, weighing the risks and weathering volatile and down markets are all important philosophies that can affect the outcome of your investment portfolio. Here’s what we said in our newsletter on this topic:

“Diversification is one of the basic fundamentals of prudent investing. It means much more than just purchasing a wide variety of securities. It involves spreading risk among asset classes (i.e., stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) as well as diversifying within each of those classes. In a broader sense, consideration should be given to one’s occupation when considering the question of diversification.”

Another aspect of investment planning that remains true today is that attempting to guess the short-term swings in individual stocks, the stock market, interest rates or the economy is not likely to produce consistently good results. “Short term developments are too unpredictable,” we wrote in our newsletter. “On the other hand, shares of well-chosen companies stand an excellent chance of providing above-average returns to investors who are patient and invest for the long term.”

What remains true today is that successful investment results occur for those who set their objective, stay true to their investment planning scenario, diversify investments and look ahead to the long-haul approach.

If you like the sound of following a consistent path to retirement success, contact Lawson Kroeker today – and find out why staying the course and remaining focused over the long-term are some of our favorite phrases.

Fine Tuned: The Art of Investing at Lawson Kroeker

Like fine art, your investment portfolio should reflect the creative and personalized aspects that make it your masterpiece.

At Lawson Kroeker, we believe in the fine art of investing. Like the colors and styles in a commissioned piece, your investments are designed for who you are as an individual.

This approach takes diligence. It takes time. It requires careful focus – but this is the philosophy our founders built our firm upon, and it’s how we continue to move forward.


Our team at Lawson Kroeker isn’t afraid to be unique, and even contrarian, because we stand by our core philosophies. As a smaller firm, our clients receive an authentic, trustworthy experience from an intelligent, thoughtful team.  


The result is a consistent approach that builds confidence for clients and success across an ongoing relationship. This means not getting caught up in the drama of the headlines that come out of Wall Street, but using long-term investment strategies that help build and protect your wealth for the future.

Lawson Kroeker doesn’t just implement a fine art perspective into investing. We proudly remain in tune with the local Omaha community, believing in the people, the art and culture that make our region great. Our team chooses to live in Omaha to serve individuals and families because we appreciate the Midwestern lifestyle and values. While many of our team members have lived and worked in major cities, we call Omaha home, and we value the pace of life here that lets us curate each client’s path to success.

Our employees actively participate in local artistic initiatives, from the Symphony to Omaha Performing Arts, among other local art venues. Sharing success this way promotes the fine-tuned harmony that makes Omaha a wonderful place to live.


Ready to get started creating your own investment masterpiece? So are we. Let’s get started today.