Meet Monica Davis, Operations Administrator

Monica Brings More Than 15 Years of Experience to the Lawson Kroeker Team

Years in the Investment/Finance Industry: 15 plus
First Car: 1987 Buick Somerset

“It feels like joining Lawson Kroeker is like joining a family.”

When you come to Lawson Kroeker, it won’t take long before you’ll notice that the investment planning services you receive feel a bit different than at other investment management firms. At Lawson Kroeker, we are not interested in following what the Wall Street crowd is doing, or in selling you on a particular idea or financial product.

Instead, you’ll receive expert advice, delivered in the style you might expect from a trusted friend for your long-term benefit. Below, you can read about Monica Davis, operations administrator for Lawson Kroeker. Monica is an important part of helping clients receive the high-quality investment planning services they count on from our team.

Before coming to Lawson Kroeker, Monica earned a Bachelor of Science in secondary education, with an emphasis in English and communication studies from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. She also has more than 15 years of experience in the securities industry.

Though she’d love to own a flower shop if she weren’t in the investment planning services industry, Monica finds a lot of satisfaction in being a part of the Lawson Kroeker team. Monica says: “I’m the newest member of Lawson Kroeker. I started at the very end of 2017 and I could not be happier in my new position. I have joined a ‘family.”

Monica is experienced at getting the most possible value out of a situation. As a note of trivia, her first car, a 1987 Buick Somerset, was sold for scrap immediately after her final use. She also loves serenity, so her ideal vacation home is a little cottage on a beach.

Monica is a huge Husker football fan, and she loves anything outdoors, such as yard work and gardening. If you ask her what her favorite hobby is, though, she’ll tell you that hanging out with her 13-year-old son trumps everything else.

Next time you’re near Lawson Kroeker, take a moment to stop in and say hello to Monica. We’re delighted to have her on our team, serving our clients with the high level of quality our company celebrates. To make an appointment or learn more about the investment planning services we offer, contact us today.

Meet Christine Walker of Lawson Kroeker

A Great Director of Operations Always Has Your Investment Portfolio Prioritized


“We have a heightened ability to hear beyond the noise, to keep our focus and vision on what matters most – serving our clients and investing with their goals in mind. This is best achieved when we truly listen and make wise, client-focused decisions without distractions.”

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Years in the Investment/Finance Industry:
First Car: 1975 Chevy Camaro. It wasn’t new, says Christine, but still … a teenager with a hot rod car … she wasn’t sure what her parents were thinking.


What comes up if people talk about the Lawson Kroeker name? They talk about managing taxes, and not being “captive” to one particular bank. They talk about having all angles of investment management under one organization. They talk about flexibility, and about independent decisions that aren’t tied to a large corporation somewhere else.

It’s this type of conversation that has attracted team members like Christine Walker, Lawson Kroeker’s Director of Operations, to the firm.

Before launching her career in the investment world, Christine earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and banking from the University of Nebraska in Omaha. She has worked in the investment industry in Omaha for over 25 years, managing operations at several investment advisory firms. When her daughters were young, she worked as an independent consultant to several local investment firms in Omaha and Lincoln.

Why Does Christine Choose Omaha?
When asked why she chooses to live in Omaha and work at Lawson Kroeker, Christine responds, “Omaha is a great place to raise a family and be part of an extended family, which is what I consider Lawson Kroeker to be – a family.

“We have a heightened ability to hear beyond the noise, to keep our focus and vision on what matters most – serving our clients and investing with their goals in mind. This is best achieved when we truly listen and make wise, client-focused decisions without distractions.”

Encouraging Others: It Just Comes Naturally
Christine has a heart to serve others and says she gets great satisfaction seeing others succeed. If she weren’t involved in the investment industry, she would love to be in a position to encourage others in setting and reaching their goals. Christine believes it is rewarding to walk alongside individuals, understanding where they have been and where they want to go.

Christine’s first car was a 1975 Chevy Camaro. She says, “A teenager with a hot rod car … not sure what my parents were thinking.” She drove it daily for nine years and then gave it to her brother, moving on to a family-friendly sedan.

Christine’s Values: Aligned with the Lawson Kroeker Experience
At Lawson Kroeker, Christine appreciates the way the firm truly values relationships. “The team takes satisfaction in the longevity and multi-generational nature of their client relationships,” she says.

Christine also values her family. Most of her involvement and service have been related to her daughters’ activities in school, and she is also active in her church. She says, “I truly enjoy being a wife, mom and aunt. Most of my free time is spent with my husband and daughters and I also enjoy hiking and traveling.”

If you’ve had a great experience it’s likely that Christine had a hand in it. Her love of family extends all the way to her colleagues and clients, and you’ll see that quality in her work. Make an appointment with our team today to find out how this “family first” perspective can impact your next steps.

Meet Patrick Riordan, Director of Client Relations and Business Development

Serving Clients at Lawson Kroeker is Patrick Riordan’s Forte

“I believe most people have a plan of what they want to accomplish with their financial assets, but many don’t really know how to execute it. I enjoy helping people develop their plan, but I really love helping them carry out their plan.”

Years in the Investment/Finance Industry:
First Car: Oldsmobile Cutlass
Local Involvement in Omaha
: Creighton Heider College of Business Advisory Board

When Patrick Riordan, director of client relations and business development, was looking for a new opportunity in 2012, more than 25 years of work in the Omaha investment community told him Lawson Kroeker was the right investment firm for him to join.

After completing high school at Shattuck-St. Mary’s in Faribault, Minnesota, Patrick received a Bachelor’s degree in finance in 1984 from Creighton University in Omaha. Following the completion of his education, Patrick worked for a national investment firm for 27 years, where he received several honors and advancements.

Since joining Lawson Kroeker in 2012, Patrick has applied his talents to the team in several ways.

“The firm is the right size to be closer with clients and offers well-considered investment advice,” says Patrick. “We can help clients achieve their goals and objectives because decisions are made in-house from an experience and well-qualified team.”

Patrick says he “doesn’t let very much grass grow under his feet.” In his free time, he can be found at various social events, concerts and numerous sporting events. He has traveled to all 50 states. Patrick also serves on the Creighton Heider College of Business Advisory Board.

When you have a great experience with Lawson Kroeker, whether it’s to receive investment advice, talk over retirement planning or create a comprehensive financial strategy, you can be sure that Patrick Riordan has had a hand in it. To make an appointment or learn more about our team, contact us today.

Chad Clauser: Embracing a Long-Term Perspective in Planning for Retirement

Get to Know Chad, Lawson Kroeker’s Chartered Financial Analyst®

“People should know the Lawson Kroeker story. The company was founded over 30 years ago and is now on a third “generation”, yet the culture and values are remarkably the same as when we started. This is rare in an industry that is very personality-driven and where people are often loyal to an individual, rather than a team. It’s part of what makes Lawson Kroeker so unique.”


Hometown: Leavenworth, Kansas
Years in the Investment/Finance Industry:
First Car: Small Ford pickup truck, which he drove until the wheels fell off.
Local Involvement in Omaha
: Chad is a volunteer within his church, including with the children’s programs and enjoys involvement in men’s groups.

When you’re planning for retirement, it’s wise to enlist a financial analyst to help you navigate the many decisions involved. It’s even better when that analyst is a professional who has experience in Chicago and New York – but prefers to serve clients in the Midwest where professionalism can also be friendly and relationship-driven.

Chad Clauser, a Lawson Kroeker Chartered Financial Analyst®, brings the Midwestern work ethic to the table in addition to insights gained from large-scale firms. In fact, Chad’s career has taken him to many places – Asia, Europe and all over the U.S. – and he has worked inside (or along with) many of the large global financial institutions.

Big-City Experience With Local Roots

Chad grew up in Leavenworth, Kansas, before going to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where he received a bachelor’s in Finance and completed minors in both computer science and mathematics. While he lived in Chicago, he completed his MBA from the University of Chicago until he relocated to New York.

Of all his accomplishments, Chad is most proud of receiving his CFA®, as it took three years of late nights and weekends studying while also working long hours at a Chicago investment company.

“These opportunities gave me a great deal of insight into the broader world of industry competitors – what they do well, but also where they fall short. Larger institutions generally provide a common product to a broader audience and the advisor is very far removed from the end customer,” says Chad.

“Professionally, large institutions provide far less in terms of being able to see the impact an advisor’s work has for clients, and it is also hard for one advisor to “turn the dial” much for the company. In contrast, Lawson Kroeker is very tuned-in to each individual client and makes decisions based on that client’s goals in a very connected way.”

Family Values in Omaha and at Lawson Kroeker

When you ask Chad what made him settle down in Omaha and at Lawson Kroeker, he says it comes down to three things: family, culture and values. “Omaha has a culture of entrepreneurship that allows it to punch well above its weight and that mentality has touched the whole community. It promotes interesting opportunities and a philosophy of continuing to push forward.”

Chad notes additional key advantages to Lawson Kroeker’s philosophy and location. “It allows advisors to think much more long-term and to be patient for things to develop instead of rushing in. It creates an opportunity to gain clients’ trust and faith when planning for retirement — and then it allows us the opportunity to actually carry those plans forward.”

What Chad Wants You to Know About Lawson Kroeker
Chad believes people should know the Lawson Kroeker story. The company was founded over 30 years ago and is now on a third “generation,” yet the culture and values are remarkably the same. This is rare, Chad notes, in an industry that is very personality-driven and where people are often loyal to an individual, rather than a team.

“Lawson Kroeker is one of the few institutions (big or small) that not only has a clear vision for the direction they are headed, but is also inherently built around a team and culture that self-preserves and has a clear succession plan for years to come,” he adds.

When Chad is not assisting clients in planning for retirement, you might see him packing up for a trip to Colorado to hike and fish. He is also involved in his church, volunteering in daycare and involved in men’s groups. He has a strong desire to raise his children well-grounded and with open hearts for the world. Chad also loves to travel and read, with a goal of seeing one new country each year.

If you’re planning for retirement, or you would like to know more about the financial planning services that Lawson Kroeker offers, make an appointment to meet with Chad. This could be your next step toward a sustainable, long-term financial plan for your future.